Yellow EP (Including Dan Curtin & Binny Remixes) - OUT NOW

James Kumo, the DJ/producer from London, has been releasing his music since 2008, getting his break on the Dutch label, Ann Aimee (Delsin sub-label). Since them, James has seen his music appear on labels like Metamorphic, Autoreply, Falkplatz and Opilec, and continues to produce and DJ at every opportunity.

Kumomusic Vol 2 Artwork

Elektron Analog 4

My choice of synth.

Kumomusic Vol 2 - Ann Aimee Records

Yellow EP (Incl Dan Curtin & Binny Remixes)

Supported by François Kevorkian, Laurent Garnier, DJ Rolando, Radio Slave, Osunlade, Orde Meikle, Danny Howells, Mr G, Honey Dijon...and more.

Odyssey @ Mono

Mixmag Review of Yellow (Dub Mix)

Heads down moodiness from James Kumo as he throws in a nice little dub mix version of 'Yellow'. The original version is way more airy and light, whereas the flip takes its cue from a muted bassline which are completely counteracted by a razor sharp hat.

Kumomusic Vol 1 - Ann Aimee Records

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Walking into Space EP - Falkplatz Records